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The European Union opens an E-learning lab in Salahaddin University-Erbil

Among the mutual projects between the European Union and SUE, with the presence of SUE president Dr Ahmed Dezaye, vice-presidents, deans, and members of the University Council, SUE opened an E-learning lab in Technology Center.
The project was funded by the Erasmus Mundus Plus program of European Union. As SUE president stated, “This lab will help the teachers to promote their pedagogy and teaching in designing and developing their syllabus. 
He also explained that after teachers have trained in the lab, they can record their lectures in Ibn Sina Centre and they will be uploaded to the university website. Students can have access to the materials.
It is worth mentioning that this program is supervised by Leipzig University in Germany in which 13 universities have participated from Europe, Iraq and Iran.  
SUE president maintained that this project would promote new methods of teaching in higher education. To start the project, three teachers will be sent to Greece to participate in a ten-day training course. They will be teaching other SUE teachers in the lab upon their return.


Date :10th Oct 2017