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President of Salahaddin University-Erbil, Dr Ahmed Dezaye`s message for the new academic year 2017-2018

Dear teachers,
Dear students,
We start our new academic year in a very critical time. After more than a century of resistance, sacrifice and genocides of Anfal and chemical attacks, displacement, burning down and destruction by the chauvinistic and despotic regimes, and after the fall of the old regime, we drafted the constitution of the country with different factions, so that this constitution will promote coexistence, agreement and partnership to build a united Iraq, so that the new country will compensate for all the years of hardship in which Iraqi people have endured. 
However, not long ago the sectarian and doctrinal regimes have imposed their authority, violated the constitution and instigated national and doctrinal sensitivities which have undermined the agreement and have tried to outpower others. This reached a point where Kurds had to seek for a better alternative through KRG parliament to retain the rights of a nation; as a result, the parliament voted for a referendum to put an end to put an end to the oppression which has lasted a century.
Therefore, the majority of people, different beliefs and sects in the Kurdistan Region voted for the referendum of independence and they have recorded a landmark victory in history. Undoubtedly, all the people had a significant role in helping succeed the process; however, the university including the teachers, and students had a distinct role in that effect.
Dear teachers,
Dear students,
Now after the referendum, our duty has become harder because we will become the basis for a civilized country in the next phase of independence. The country will be built on democracy, science and law which will be in keeping with the definition by which the Kurds are known, of which they are proud. 
We are certain this new stage will be a factor to unite the people and put an end to the conflict existed in the past because our future bears glad tidings for the birth of a democratic country, developed in ideology and proud of its peace and harmony.
Congratulations on your new academic year… a year of realisation of independence.
Dr Ahmed Dezaye           
President of Salahaddin University-Erbil
Date :5th Oct 2017