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Meeting of Universities in Kurdistan and Iraq
The universities in Kurdistan and Iraq held a meeting in Erbil International Hotel. The meeting comes as a preparation for next conference of the Association of Arab Universities in which the president and vice-presidents of the association will be elected. The meeting of the universities of Kurdistan and Iraq which are also members of the association was seen as significant at this time because there has been an issue in the association. A number of Sudanese universities withdrew from the association because their opinion in the issues wasn’t taken into account. 
The presidents of the universities in Iraq and Kurdistan region agreed that the universities in Iraq should work together in order to have their say in the matters in the association. They suggested that a number of Iraqi university presidents should have positions in the association to help develop the relationship. For this purpose, the president of SUE Dr Ahmed Dezaye and Dr Mohammed Al-Hamadani were chosen as candidates for the vice-president of the Association of Arab Universities for the next conference.

Date :16th Aug 2017