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Portugal.. Salahaddin University-Erbil participates in a meeting of Erasmus Mundus of European Union

Dr Ahmed Dezaye, SUE president and a delegate consisting of Head of Research and Scientific Centre Dr Hiwa Yasin Abdullah, and Dr Basheer Thabet an expert in Hydrology, participated in an academic meeting of Erasmus Mundus in which a number of universities took part among which were SUE, University of Duhok, two universities from Iran and a number of European universities.
The Erasmus Mundus project was dedicated to engineering, hydrology, ecology, climate change, food production and technical use of GIS and RS.
EU has sponsored all the expenses for the project for the duration of two years. A team from SUE consisting of 13 experts and academics have participated in the project. It is expected that the next meeting, with the presence of the European universities, will be held in Erbil. 
Date :11th Mar 2017