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Meet our volunteer Muhammad Idrees.

Muhammad Idrees, a wonderful student from college of science, Biology dept., now an alumni, was ready all the time to help and support our CDC as a volunteer. We really appreciate his enthusiasm in volunteerism. Many congrats dear Muhammad for your graduation. Hope you a bright future.

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هەلی کاری کاتی لە کۆمپانیای کوکاکولا. هەر کەسێک ئارەزوی کار کردنی هەیە لە یەکێک لەم بەشانەی خوارەوە بە شێوەیەکی کاتی با فۆرمی هاوپێچ پر کاتەوە و بیگەرێنێتەوە بەرێوەبەرایەتییەکەمان بە مەرجێک زمانی ئینگلیزی و کوردی بزانێت. دوا مۆڵەت رۆژی 
پێنج شەممەیە.
URGENT VACANCY: Coca Cola has intern vacancies in the following positions for Erbil that need to be filled by THURSDAY.

1x HR - Business Administration - Female

1x Commercial - Marketing, IT, Accounting, Business - Female

2x Supply Chain - Mechanic - Mal

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قوتابیانی خۆشەویست

بۆ ئەوەی بتوانین زیاترین خزمەت بە ئێوەی بەڕێز بگەیەنین لە بەشداری پێکردنتان لە سیمینارو وێرکشۆپەکانمان ودۆزینەزەی هەلی کار بۆ ئێوەی خۆشەویست لە کەرتی تایبەت، لە کۆمپانیا و رێکخراوەکانی هەرێمی کوردستان، پێویستە زانیاری تەواومان لەسەر قوتابیانمان هەبێت لە چ بەش وکۆلێژێکن.

تکایە خۆتان تۆمار بکەن لەم لینکەوە :

بۆ هەموو خوێندکارانی هەر چوار قۆناغەکە تکایە هاوڕێیانتان ئاگادار بکەنەوە

شێوازی پڕکردنەوە :

- لینکەکە بکەوە

- ناوی سیانیت بنوسە

- ئیمەیڵت بنوسە (دواتر وشەی نهێنی دێتەوە بۆ ئیمەیلەکەت و ئەتوانی بیگۆڕیت)

- دواتر لە Center زانکۆی سەلاحەدین هەڵبژێرە

- لە بەشی Beneficiary Type دا student هەڵبژێرە، ئەوانەی ئەمساڵ خوێندن تەواو دەکەن دەبێت Alumni هەڵبژێرن

- دواتر لەبەشی Academic Department دا ناوی کۆلێژ/ ناوی بەشەکەت

- دواتر ڕەگەز و بەرواری لەدایک بوونت

- دواتر sign up دەکەین و ڕاستەوخۆ ئیمەیڵێکت پێدەگات

پێویستە زانیاریەکان بەزمانی English بێت


لەکاتی بونی هەر کێشەیەک یان پرسیارێک تکایە ئاگادارمان بکەنەوە

لەگەڵ رێزدا...


Salahadin University Career Center ,27 May 

Attending a one-day workshop about Souktel database and Labor Market Survey funded by IREX at the Ministry of Higher Education on May 27, 2017.

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A golden opportunity for our students

هەلێکی زێرین بۆ قوتابیانمان

پەیمانگای CIS College بە هەمان شێوەی ساڵی رابردوو هەڵساوە بە فەراهەم کردنی خولی بێبەرامبەر بۆ (100) قوتابی زانکۆمان. هەر قوتابییەک ئارەزوی بەشداریکردنی هەیە با سەردانی بەڕێوەبەراییەتەکەمان بکات بۆ خۆ تۆمارکردن لە رۆژی یەکشەممە 21/5 تاکو پێنجشەممە 25/5. کاژێر 9 ی بەیانی تاکو 12 ی نیوەڕۆ. 
ناونیشانی بەڕێوەبەراییەتەکەمان: رێگای کەرکوک، کتێبخانەی ناوەندی زانکۆ، بەڕێوەبەرایەتی بەکارخستن. 
وردەکاری خولەکان لە وێنەی هاوپێچدا هاتووە.

Dear Salahadin University Students,
the institute of CIS College has provided 100 scholarships for our students to attend their courses (see the details of the courses in the attached image).
Visit our CDC to register yourselves from Sunday 21 May to Thursday 25 May.

Address: Karkuk Road, Salahadin University Central Library, Career Directorate.

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An announcement for Internship Program 2017 participants
ئاگادارییەک بۆ ئەو قوتابیانەی فۆرمی راهێنانی تواناکانیان پڕ کردۆتەوە.

This is to let you know that a one day training will be conducted tomorrow 17 May. Your participation is necessary.


1. Internship
2. Resume Development 
3. Personal Statement
4. Interview Skills
5. Work Etiquette

Where: Engineering College, Civil Engineering dept., Rizgary Hall.

When: Wednesday, 17 May, 9 am - 12 pm

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A golden opportunity for our students.

مژدەیەک بۆ یەکەمەکانی ئەمساڵی بەشەکانی زانستی کومپیوتەر و ئای تی

لەسەر پێشنیاری سەنتەرەکەمان، کۆمپانیای CIS College ی لوبنانی لقی هەولێر هەڵدەستێ بە ئەنجام دانی راهێنانێکی پرۆفێشناڵ بۆ ۳ قوتابی یەکەم لە بەشەکانی زانستی کومپیوتەر و IT لە کۆلێژەکانی زانست و ئەندازیاری لە زانکۆی CIS College لە لوبنان کە ماوەکەی ۲_۳ مانگ دەبێت. زۆر سوپاس بۆ سەرۆکایەتی

.زانکۆمان کە رەزامەندی دا لە سەر دابین کردنی بلیتی فرۆکە بۆ سێ قوتابییەکە

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Participation of our CDC's administrative staff Mrs. Kafya Ahmad in Ishik University's Career Day.

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Announcement for Salahadin University Students and Alumni:
Ishik University is holding a Career Day. Hope you can make time to attend.

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Recruiting students for Internship 2017.
Many thanks to heads of Administration, Accounting and Finance and Bank departments at the college of Administration and Economic, also, thanks to head of Archeology department at the college of Arts for facilitating our work in recruiting qualified students for Internship 2017.

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Pleased to meet Mr. Arif and his team from Rovan Group/ Aga Organisation. We discussed future coordination and joint activities regarding charity and volunteer.

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Pleased to receive Mr. Dler, Head of IT Department at college of Science. There will be some important and useful activities for IT students very soon.

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Pleased to receive Mr. Ali Kenaan, Director of CIS College Erbil in our CDC. We appreciate their cooperation and their generous offers in terms of providing intern positions, workshops as well as 100 scholarships for our students to attend their valuable courses (details of the courses is attached as an image).

بە خۆشحاڵییەوە پێشوازیمان کرد لە بەرێز عەلی کەنعان، بەرێوەبەری CIS College Erbil لە بەرێوەبەرایەتییەکەماندا. لە کۆبوونەوەماندا باس لە فەراهەم کردنی خولی بێبەرامبەر بۆ (100) قوتابی و هەلی کاری کاتی و ئەنجام دانی سیمینار و ویرکشۆپ بۆ قوتابیانمان کرا کە لە هەفتەی داهاتوو دەچێتە بواری جێبەجێ کردن. وردەکاری خولەکان لە وێنەی هاوپێچدا هاتووە.

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An announcement for our students at college of science/ IT department.

students who applied for the data entry
position must attend a trail test on Monday 6th March, between 3:30-4pm at the IT academy.
The IT academy is located on
the 100m street, close to the UN compound and airport.

All applicants will be given a small test to complete, which will help
in deciding who is accepted.

Please know that this vacancy will be considered as work experience placement. All students will be given a certificate of participation by the Deputy Prime Ministers office.

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Registering Students for a KRG Intern Vacancy. 
In the past few days our CDC team payed visits to college of Science/ IT Department to register senior students for a KRG intern vacancy. Students were very enthusiastic to have that experience.

Many thanks to mamosta Dler, head of department who facilitated our work.

Special thanks to our volunteer students, especially Mardin khan and kak Muhammad from Biology department.

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Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Our CDC staff participating in blood donation campaign.

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Job opportunity for a chemistry, biochemistry or a related discipline specialist.

Job Description
· Conduct testing, technical data analysis, stability studies, and compile data in spreadsheets with statistical summaries.
· Performing experimental product formulations.
· Maintain Good Laboratory Practices and documentations.
· Support assigned products and serve as a technical resource for Production.
· Assists in the creation and/or revision of R&D policies, procedures and related Best Operating Practices.

Required Skills
· Minimum requirement: BS in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related scientific discipline
· PC literate and proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.
· Ability to use basic laboratory equipment with some manipulation
· Basic skill in designing experiments with appropriate controls.
· Must be able to perform basic problem solving of experimental methods.
· Ability to generate, record, organize, analyze and present data effectively and clearly.

· Competitive pay
· Opportunities for growth and training
· Great work environment

Job Location
Erbil, Iraq

Quality Control

Position Type

Please send your CV to:

Deadline for applications is December 04, 2017.

Good luck


١١ هه‌لی كار له‌ ڕێكخراوی نێوده‌وڵه‌تیی كۆچ له‌ هه‌ولێر، دهۆك، سلێمانی، كركوك، به‌غدا. 
11 eleven vacancies at International Organization for Migration.

Display Vacancies



Job opportunities for our alumni.

Philip Morris MS Middle East Ltd., a leading international tobacco company,
is currently looking for young talents to support their growing organization and their partners in Kurdistan of Iraq, especially in the field sales sector (junior and supervisory roles, depending on candidates qualification and experience).

They will have some job opportunities for fresh graduates in Iraq (including North) with the distributor of Philip Morris company – Jisr Al Furat (JAF).

JAF will have both office positions (sales support roles) and sales positions in the field. Please find a brief summary for each below:

A Salesman ensures distribution of the products, supports quick visibility check; proactively provides feedback and information on business and the planning of his job. Salesman also builds a solid personal and professional relationship with retailers and other stakeholders.

Sales support positions support wholesale/trade program activities in the field. They will do data collection from the field team, maintain database, report and analyze sales figures, targets etc.

They do not have any preference in terms of Majors, any candidate interested in Sales positions can apply. Preferably the candidates should have some sales experience. During the interviews they will be assessing soft skills in addition (such as communication skills, ability to learn, negotiation skills etc). For the sales support roles (office roles) the candidates should have knowledge of excel and be good with numbers.

If you are interested in the job, send your CV to the following email address:

Good luck.