Directorate of Career

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Career development is a life long process of exploration and decision-making .Thus, the Salahaddin Career Center is dedicated to delivering programs and services that enrich students opportunities.


Our mission is to better serve the regional and national economy by linking the growing private, nonprofit and government sectors to the university, and help propare students to align their competencies and capabilities with suitable employment opportunities.


The Career Center offers many services designed to assist you with recruiting students in your organization .whether you need an intern, a full-time or part time employee, Salahaddin University Career Center is the place to start.The Center offers on campus job postings, career fairs, and company information sessions. Whatever your needs, the Career Center is the linking point to Salahaddin University Students, Faculty and Staff.

Faculty and Staff

The Career Center staff can assist with any career related issue, Whether it is the latest employment trends, a guest presenter for your class or a student that needs direction and assistance. The Career Center is here to help meet your needs and those of your students.


Going to university is a daunting process and just finding your way around may seem hard enough but getting focused on your career from the start can give you the sense of direction and ensure you get the most out of your degree. The key is knowing why you’re studying and keeping focused during challenging times in your university life. Career Center goals help in achieving good results .Building your career path is about more than just getting a job ;it is about gathering information and using it to your advantage .The Career Center offers many services and resources to help plan your career.


Salahaddin University Career Center provides an array of comprehensive services and collaborates with academic departments to help students succeed in their pursuit of academic and career goals. Student are provided with the opportunity to have career planning sessions, work experience prior to graduation and assistance with the development opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop their maximum potential through the various career related activities. These include internships, training courses, study abroad opportunities and finding full-time and part-time employment. Also, to ensure a successful transition from academic life to the working world; the Career Center assist with resume building , interview skills, job search strategies and other vital aspects of career development.