IT Center

ICT Academy

Salahaddin University-Erbil


The Structure of The Center:

The definition and objective of the center of information and communication technology is responsible of developing the technological aspects of communication and information all the Salahaddin university at its best form. Attempting to combine all the university departments and transferring the information in a scientific and electronically way. Besides, the center aims at providing standard and authentic programmer for university computers and training specialized employees.


The Duties of The Center:

  • Strengthening the electronic foundation of the university through joining all the university departments so as to create a developed network this is a crucial scientific point.
  • Guiding and training the university employees upon the general and specific computer programmers networking instructions.
  • Creating an electronic administrational system of the university in order to exchange the university documents in the fastest way.
  • Changing the absent sheet of employees to an electronic system (finger print) or (electronic cards)
  • Attempting to launch a contemporary academia for information technology and communication so as to provide the exam results directly and electronically.
  • Arranging, running, and supervising the above training courses and workshops.
  • The Duty of Each Section:

    1- Administration and personnel section:

  • Preparing and arranging the relations and scripts (documents) between the center and university presidency
  • Archiving
  • Monitoring the services like reception, drivers, posts, cleaning and gardening
  • Follow up the administrational center and requirements.
  • 2- Accounting and financial affairs section

  • Arranging and follow up the accountancy and employees affairs
  • Supervising the purchasing committee and income of the center
  • Follow ups of financial instructions and implementing
  • 3- Technical and academic section

  • Follow ups of technology and communication affairs of the university
  • Follow ups and supervising the communication network of the center and repairing
  • Drawing

    - Repairing and installing programs

    - Publishing specific guidance for information technology and communication

    4- Programming and software section

  • Identifying the type of the programs that are needed
  • Attempting to provide the latest programs and giving instructions on how to use them.
  • Providing the required programs
  • Programming and its improvement
  • Attempting to participate in the local and international workshops and courses on software
  • 5- Training section

  • Arranging and supervising all scientific and training courses
  • Announcing yearly schedules for all the courses

    The Administrational Structure of The Center

     Diagram Structure


    The administrational structure of the center consists of:

    1- Administration and personnel section

    2- Accountancy and financial affairs section

    3- Technique and academy section

    4- Programming and software section

    5- Training section


    Sections Manager

    1- Administrative and personnel section

    Manager paxshan

    2- Accountancy and finance section

    Manager to be assigned

    3- Technological and academic section

    Manager Baxtiar

    4- Programming and software section

    Manager to be assigned

    5- Training section

    Manager to be assigned

    The monthly budget of the center is 500,000 Iraqi Dinars