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 1. Office Manager (Sahera Abdulla Ahmad)


        Cell phone :0750 4792842


2.   Secretary of University Council (Vian Faruq Muhamad)

            Vian Faruq

          Cell phone : 0096407504617280

           E-mail : 


3. Secretary (Shawen Mohmmed Anwer)

           Cell phone : 0096407504728432

           E-mail : 


4. Personal Assistant (Zana Mohmmed Anwer)

            Zana mohmmed anwer

           Cell phone : 0096407505690074

           E-mail :


5. Nasren Ali Shareef

         Cell phone : 0096407504885010


6. Hersh  Fuad  Rauf

         Cell phone : 0096407504065419


7. Herdn Ibrahim Ahmed

        Cell phone : 0096407504521563



8. Pakzad Nazhad Azeez


9. Nehayat Ibrahim Sadq

      Cell phone : 0096407504410481


The Office of Salahaddin University President:

1. Director of the office: .

2. Secretary of the university council: Ms. Vian Farooq Mohammed who manages an independent part of the affairs of the university president cooperated with the office.

3. Secretary of the president of salahaddin university: Shawin Mohammed Anwer with the support of Zana Mohammed Anwer, they are both in charge of affairs related to the president of the university such as : receiving guests, putting appointments for those who want to see the president, in addition to numbering and sending all the secret letters in the office to the organizations, receiving all the letters of the colleges and other organizations and putting them in front of the president. Beside a special committee which is in charge of ordering university affairs after confirming them by the president of the university.

The letter of the university council which is written by the secretary of the council and confirmed by the ministry of higher education and scientific research, the university decisions sent to the directors and colleges.

Transparency in Work:

Receiving everyday and without any differences (lecturers, employees and students) in order to perform their requirments and job affairs. Except of the university orders for arranging different committees for equal opportunity in administrative and scientific fields. without paying attention to different colors in all parts of the university president office (secretary of the university council, secretary and the office in general).

Considering all their requirments and facilitating them.

The most important decisions of the university council: In the total of 10 meetings of the university council from 01/09/2014 to 01/07/2015, a number of important decisions have been made in order to develop science:

1. In the 5th meeting draft of the university council (section 4/scientific affairs 7) has been arranged on 19th Jan 2015, they decided to open the consultation office of linguistics and translation in the college of languages.

2. In the 9th meeting draft of the university council (section 3/students affairs 1) which has been arranged on 26th May 2015, they considered the number of the lecturers, halls, labs, also considering the working hours from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. they should get benefits from the studying halls and the labs. They also mentioned the student accomodations in the university. They stressed on trying to accept a great number of students.

3. In the 9th meeting draft of the university council (section 5/general affairs 1) which has been arranged on the 26th May 2015, they decided that for the next coming years the photo of the graduates of all the colleges of salahaddin university will be on one day and in Sami Abdul Rahman park and it would be considered as the university day.

4. In the 10th meeting draft of the university council ( section 1/ the instructions of the president of the university) which has been arranged on the 30th June 2015, expressed deep thanks and appreciation to all the lecturers and the university staff of the studying year 2014/2015.

5. In the 10th meeting draft of the university council ( section 5/ general affairs 2)which has been arranged on the 30th June 2015, they decided to build Kurdistan Manuscript House for our university.

6. In the 10th meeting draft of the university council ( section 6/ ) which has been arranged on the 30th June 2015, the council has decided that students who are accepted to the university can’t postpone their years of studying directly, the student only could withdraw their application and apply again next year, if she/he has the right to apply again.

7. In the 10th meeting, the council gave scientific degree to 16 assistant professors to be professors.

8. In the council, they also decided to open Chemical Engineering in the college of engineering.

9. The council also decided to give honorary doctorate of law and sharia in the islamic world to professor Dr. Mostafa Zalma.

10. On the recommendation of the president of the university, the coucil has decided 24th April to be university martyr day.

11. Giving two year permission to higher education students.

12. Accepting of the draft agreement between our university and other academic bodies internally and externally has been signed.

13. The council has also decided to express thanks and appreciation to the exam committees and the higher education exam committees of all the colleges.

14. In the 6th meeting draft of the university council (section 5/general affairs 3), the council has decided that hawler centre for continuous development related directly to the university president.



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