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Ismail Beshikçi


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Honorary Doctorate to Ismail Be┼čikçi

The famous Turkish thinker and sociologist Ismail Be┼čikçi was awarded an honorary doctorate by Salahaddin University-Erbil on 28th of May 2014. The event took place at the Cultural Centre of Salahaddin University-Erbil and was attended by Top Kurdish politicians, President and members of Kurdistan Parliament, ministers Erbil Governor, and Salahaddin University Council.

"As the oldest and biggest public university in Kurdistan, we thought about a way to recognize and to pay respect to Dr. Be┼čikçi\\\\\\\'s life-long works and contributions. He has been defending the rights of the Kurds for the last half a century through his researches, speeches, seminars and writings. Thus Salahaddin University Council decided to award honorary Doctorate to Ismail Be┼čikçi. Be┼čikçi has devoted 50 years of his life to the Kurdish cause, for which he has faced much hardship and prosecution. He defended the Kurds at a time when all the doors we shut at the Kurds. Fortunately today the Turkish policy toward the Kurds has changed; we witnessed the worm reception of President Masud Barzani in Amed by the Turkish Prime Minister Mr.Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan" The University President Dr.Ahmed Dezaye said.

"I\\\\\\\'m happy to receive this valuable honorary award from Salahaddin University. Academic production and freedom of speech are very important pillars of any society. Universities play major role in revealing truth. Throughout the Middle East freedom of speech is restricted, yet there are universities in these countries without much production of scientific knowledge. Except Israel, freedom of speech is restricted in the wider Middle East. In the 57 member states of the Islamic Congress freedom of expression is restricted and truths are produced by the powerful ideologies. In true science there is only one criteria: evidence-based truths." Dr. Be┼čikçi said.

Dr. Be┼čikçi highlighted the importance of science and critical thinking for the development of a country like Kurdistan. He said that "this requires freedom of thought and expression".

This was the first time that Salahaddin University award an honorary degree.