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 If you would like to add your name to this honorable list, please contact the office of vice president for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies

1. Nawzad hadi, Governor of Erbil, 2008-now

2. Dr.Yousif Mohammed, President of Kurdistan Parlament, 2013-now

3. Dr.Pishtiwan Sadiq, Minister of Education, 2013-now

4. Nuri Al Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq, 2006-2014.

4. Dr.Izzadin Mustafa Rasool, Writer

5. Dr.Aziz Gardi, Writer and Translator

6. Dr.Azad Hamasahreef, Writer and Translator

7. Nahla Mohammed, MP, 1992-2000

8. Dr.Idris Hadi Salih, Minister of Higer Education, 2005-2010

9. Dilshad Shahab, Minister of Manicipalities, 2010-2012