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Information Technology (course book, pdf)

This course includes broad coverage of technology concepts and trends underlying current and future developments in information technology, and fundamental principles for the effective use of computer-based information systems. There will be a special emphasis on problem solving, enterprise applications, hardware systems, , networks and the web. Students will also gain some hands-on exposure to powerful, high-level tools for making computers do amazing things, without the need for conventional programming languages. This course is intended for students with little or no background in computer technology, so no knowledge of how computers work or are programmed is assumed

This module is a lecture-lab course in which topics are presented by the instructor theoretically, practice assignments linked to the lectures are explained, and assignments are completed by students both during lab periods and outside of class.

This is a course about Information Technology and several assignments require use of a PC. Students can use either their own Laptop or the facilities of the Department’s Computer Center.


 To understand the basics of information technology and computer systems
 To build on assumed basic computer skills
 To gain practical experience using various standard application packages; in particular: Document Preparation including Word Processing and Graphics Manipulation, Spreadsheets., Slide Show Presentations
 To learn about the database systems, its design and implementation cycles
 To Learn about computer networks and network systems infrastructure
 To develop skills on web site designing, web mastering and web blogs
 To perform more effectively in other subject areas by applying the computer skills obtained


1. Assignments 20% At least five assignments during the two semesters
2. Exam 1 15% This exam contains both Theoretical and Lab parts
3. Exam 2 15% This exam contains both Theoretical and Lab parts
4. Final Exam 50% This exam consists of two parts, Laboratory part 20%, Theoretical Part 30%.


1. Lecture notes are preprints of Microsoft PowerPoint slides used by the instructor during lectures. They are fairly detailed and comprehensive (typically between 20-30 slides per lecture).
2. There are many books and online resources on Windows OS, MS-Office, Networking and IT: feel free to use whichever one appeals to you.

1. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to the lab session
2. No radios are allowed in class even with headphones.
3. Food and beverages are not permitted in the classroom. This includes plate lunches, drinks, candy, etc. (water bottles allowed in Lab sessions only).
4. Class lab time is expected to be spent in lab work. Lab time is not free time. Attendance and concerted work on assignments are required. Work at home will be required in addition to work during lab times (work at home should not substitute for work during lab periods).


1 Introduction to the course
2 Introduction to Data and Information,Data, Data Types, Information Systems
3 Introduction to Data and Information, cont.Numbering Systems
4 Computer Systems,Computer Systems, Hardware & Software,
5 Computer Systems, cont.Memory, CPU, Buses, Input and Output, Servers, Workstations
6 Computer Systems, cont.auxiliary and Peripheral Parts, embedded computer systems
7 Problem Solving,Algorithms, Mathematical and Logical Operations, Problem Statement, Programming Languages, Basic Programming Statements
8 Problem Solving, cont.,Problem Statement, Programming Languages, Basic Programming Statements
9 Operating Systems, MS- WINDOWS
10 Data Processing.Word Processing-MS-Word
11 Data Processing, cont.,Word Processing-MS-Word
12 Data Processing, cont.,e-Tables-MS-Excel
13 Data Processing, cont.,e-Tables-MS-Excel
14 Data Processing, cont.,e-Tables-MS-Excel, charts and graphs
15 First Exam
16 Data Processing, cont.,Databasing-MS-Access
17 Data Processing, cont.,Databasing-MS-Access
18 Data Processing, cont.,Databasing-MS-Access
19 Data Processing, cont.,Databasing-MS-Access
20 Data Presentation,Good Data Presentation, Seminars, MS-Power Point
21 Data Presentation, cont.,Good Data Presentation, Seminars, MS-Power Point
22 Data Presentation, cont.,Student Project Presentation
23 Second Exam
24 Computer Networks,Computer Network Components
25 Computer Networks, cont.,Routers, Hubs, Switches and Terminals, Transmission Media, Wire less networks
26 Internet and Web,Web sites, Homepages and Web Pages, Static and Dynamic Web pages
27 Internet and Web,HTML
28 Internet and Web,Hosting, Servers, Browsers, Searching Engines, emails
29 Internet and Web,Blogs
30 Final Exam

Course Slides

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII


Assignment # 1

Assignment # 2

Assignment # 3

Assignment # 4

Assignment # 5

Assignment # 6