College of Languages

A statement by the Dean of College of Languages

 Dr. Atif.A.Farhadi

College of Languages is one of the colleges of SalahaddinUntitled University,
which is established in 2005. College of Languages could build relations with other countries in the worlds. These relations could build cultural and political relations between Kurdistan Regional Government and other states.

College of Languages consists of Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian, French, Turkish and German Departments. The number of teachers is 112 and the number of students is about 1635. Our target for future is to open other important departments such as Spanish and other departments when we have enough professional teachers in other languages. The target of opening other departments is to teach students in other languages.

Fortunately, in 2014 the translation center was opened in the College of Languages so as to translate documents and books from Kurdish Language to other crucial languages and vice versa.

By the support of Presidency of Salahaddin University, It is hoped that College of Languages is able to grant advantages to our region. In a near future with the support of Council of Ministries and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, College of Languages try to open other departments, language laboratories and an electronic library. 



A statement by Mr. Talhat Tahir Hamad Ali (The Assistant of the Dean)

Language is a gift from Allah to human to communicate, 1472036_810090045706401_423103839213497224_nsend and receive information from speakers to listeners. All nations and communities have own language, which keeps the existence of the nation and community. According to some trusted sources, there are 6912 languages in the world. The first language is English, approximately 410 million people use English in daily communication, after English, French, Spanish, German, and Arabic languages come.

Despite having a Kurdish Department as an oldest department, colleges of languages include most of mentioned languages. In order not to allow the Kurdish nation being deprived from all the developments in the world, the Presidency of Salahaddin University as it is own duty, in 2004-2005 decided to distinguish Kurdish, Arabic, English and Persian Departments from College of Arts and open a new college entitled College of Languages. The Presidency of Salahaddin University always tries to find new departments so as to introduce other foreign languages to Kurdish nation. By learning other languages, the Kurdish people are able to introduce their culture and history to all nations in the world.

In 2011-2012, German Department was found and admitted 33 students. Now, College of Languages consists of seven departments. It is hoped that Kurdish Students and the new generation get benefits from the mentioned languages and become a brighten lamp.