e-Learning Center

What is the University `s connection & Partners to SUE AVC E-Learning Center ?

E-Learning center of SUE partners with some of the world`s organization to meet the demands of an ever-changing E-Learning Style and our partners are ;

1.UNESCO Office in Iraq.

2. METU University Turkey Anqara .

3.Alqudes Open University Phalestine .

4.Philadelphia University Jordan-Amman.

5.Hambourgh University  Germany .

6. Russia E-Learning Center .

7. Telematic  UNITUNNO University Italy- Rome.

8.Ministry of Higher Education Algeria

9.Wasit University.

10.Kufa University.

11.Mosul University.

12.Anbar University.

13. Basrah University .

14.Sulaimania University .


Editted and published by Prof.Dr.Qaysar Salih Mahdy & Assist. Prof. Dr.Ismail Musa Murad