College of Law and Political Sciences

College of Law and political science Its one of the colleges of Salahaddin University-Erbil since its establishment of the University in (1985-1986). It Consists Of Two department (Law & Political Science).

Department of Law: The Department of Law offered in the beginning undergraduate courses only, but in the year 1993-1994, it started offering graduate courses, for the master degree level only; and in 1999-2000 started offering ph.D. courses.

Political sciences department: This department was established in the year 1992, and it started offering undergraduate courses only. In 2000-2001, it started to offer graduate courses, in the Master degree level, and in 2005-2006 it started offering ph.D. courses.

College's scientific magazine:

 The college, since (1994) published an academic scientific magazine twice a year, named "Law  & Political science Magazine" , which includes researches in law and political science.The ISSN of the magazine is:2079-3901.

System of study at College:

The study period for undergraduate level is 4 years. The students will be dropped out from the college, if he was unable to finish his university courses within 6 years from the year of his admission.

-The lectures are offered in languages, Kurdish,Arabic and English. Some specific subject are offered in English.

-As for graduate studies, the study period is two years for Master degree program, first year is preparatory, in which the student takes specialized  courses in two semesters, while in the second year he prepares his dissertation paper. As for  doctoral program , the study period is 3 t0 4 years, according to the existing system applied.

Students Admission to the College:

The admission system of college is central at the Kurdistan Region level and it is based on the interest and competition for grades obtained.

Administrative Structure of the College:

-The deanery of the college with all its administrative departments.

- The liberary of the college which contains more than 13000 books.

- Scientific departments of Law and political science.

- Center of Human Rights and Researches.

- The Magazine of Law & Political Science.

- Legal Consultation Center.