College of Law and Political Sciences

Training course about the Election Process

Center for Political and Strategic Studies (CPSS) in our Political Department in cooperation with Iraqi High Electoral Commission (IHEC) –Erbil Branch, started a training course about the Election Process where (50) students participated in the training for (5) days from 26/07/2015 to 30/07/2015. During the training days, two lessons by the lecturers and one lesson by professional teachers and Commission Trainers taught.

By the End of the Training period, on Wednesday 05/08/2015, in the  Social and Cultural Centre of Salahaddin university, in the presence of the President of Salahaddin University, the Assistant of Salahaddin University President for Scientific Affairs, the Dean of the College, the Dean’s Assistant, the Director of the Iraqi High Electoral Commission in Erbil Office, the Head of the Political Department, and the lecturers of the training, the entire participants, lecturers, course trainers, and supervision committees receiving award and Certificate. Meanwhile, the Dean of the College and the Head of the Political Science Department have emphasized on the significant of such a training courses in their speeches.

 Preparation for National Level of Grading Project in Kurdistan Universities

Salahaddin University-Erbil Presidency entails the national university ranking project aimed at selecting the academic position of the national universities in Kurdistan, according to formal letter issued by Salahaddin University-Erbil presidency, No: (6418\1\1) in (02\06\2015), which requires all colleges to create a private committee to gather sufficient information to rank National Universities based on their level of academic achievement. Considering this demand, the college of law and politics has appointed these members to participate in data gathering process relating our college, a committee is given the power to do all research and finally present an accurate detailed report to Slahaddin-Erbil University after being carefully evaluated by Evaluation Committee. This process should get it done by (15-08-2015)

Members of the committee as follows:

- Dr. Hussamaddin Ali Majeed – Dean’s assistant

- Dr. Azad ShkurSalih - quality assurance director

- Dr. Sabah SubhiHaidar – Head of Politics department

- Dr. Kawan Ismael Ibrahim – Head of Law department

- Shakhawan Muhammad Salih- Registration unit director

- HunarAbdulrahmanSaeed – quality assurance – Politics department

- Sanger Osman Muhammad – quality assurance- Law department

- Khasro Ahmed Abdulrahman – IT unit director

- Amir khursheedRaza- Management office

In this national university ranking project, all Universities will be ranked according to international academic organizations and scientific institutions criteria on a competitive basis among all Universities in Kurdistan to promote their academic level.


A seminar about Kurdish genocide issue from the international law perspective

On 10-06-2015, center for political and strategic studies invited Dr. Muhammad Ehssan to give a presentation about Kurdish genocide issue from the international law perspective in (Security Council hall) at College of Law and Political Science. Dr. Sherzad, Dean of the College and some academic staff in both departments participated in the seminar which mostly concentrated on the great importance of recognizing Anfal massacre by international community on one side, and calling all the Human Rights institutions to launch an extensive investigation into the Anfal campaign and Halabja attack on the other side. In this open debate, participants insisted that the recognition of Kurdish massacres can play a key role to reach self-determination.

Two significant activities by the Center for Political and Strategic Studies (CPSS)

On Wednesday 22/04/2015, an open debate held in Political Science Department about the “Region Presidency- result and Consequences” to find a solution for this issue in an insecure and instable situation surroundings.  Consequently, the discussion among Teachers/lectures leads to formulate an exhaustive pamphlet which focuses on the Region Presidency issue and the extension of President’s period. The meeting opens a door in arranging and organizing the “University Symposium” entitled: For Kurdistan Regional Constitution.

On Thursday 23/04/2015, a seminar presented by Prof. Dr. Martin Bick, a lecturer in the Soutren University in Danmark, on “Oil and Gas Policy in the Middle East”. On the one hand, the seminar, Martin talked about the exactly how the Oil would become internal and foreign policy of Kurdistan Region. On the other hand, he mentioned the impact of oil on the activities inside Kurdistan Region and Middle East partially.  In this Regard, presenter clarified that Kurdistan Region should get some benefit from Norway experiences as a European country with oil richness. The seminar concluded with vital debate on this sensitive topic.