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About Research Centre

This centre was established in Dec. 2006 at Salahaddin University to unity the different disciplines of science and humanities collectively under one centre.

It consists of two main sections, (administration and research)

1- Administration:

consists of the following units: personnel, accounting, logistic, storage, relations, media, planning, and library which runs by a group of experienced staff.

2- Research section it consists of several labs. such as:

Molecular biology. Microbilogy, Environmental Science, Tissue culture, O.F. C, and also the Metrology and GIS units.

The purpose of this centre is to develop new programs of researches at post graduated and post experience levels appropriate to the mission of this university. Its intended that the offer of the centre should encompass research and deliver of programs recruitment of postgraduate research students in different disciplines from different  scientific departments of  Salahaddin University.

The aim of this centre is to produce high quality and creative out puts in the areas of Microbiology Molecular biology, Tissue culture and O.F. C, and Environmental science. The last one is an interdisciplinary  academic field that integrates physical and biological sciences , including ecology , biology , chemistry , physics , Soil science , geology , atmospheric science and geography , to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems.  

And also this Centre will work hard to:

- Build on links in research and training with different centre’s of Excellencies.

- Develop collaboration programs with different centers of the high status of the local government.

- Generate funds for research into management and business issue.

- Liaise with other centers outside the KRG to develop appropriate collaborative research and training programs. to establish a network of associations in KRG and with well known centres elsewhere.

       We are keen to receive ideas from any well developed institution about , the most relevant and useful ways/means in which we can co-operate in the area of research and  short courses for the senior researchers and  join supervision for PhD research programs.We do also stress that we are open for any suggestion on any methods of collaboration.