Directorate/Office of international Relations

Salahaddin University-Erbil
International Relations Office

In International Relations Office we very much see our role as informing, enabling and implementing the international aspirations of Salahaddin University and its academic community thus bringing tangible benefits to our students, colleagues, and campus here in Erbil-Kurdistan.

International Development and Mobility:

Overseeing international partnerships and collaborations;

Managing the University’s study abroad and exchange programmes;

Promoting and coordinating scholarship activity.

International Strategy:

Developing the University’s international profile by directing the design and implementation of the University’s broader international strategy and the current strategic review of global engagement.

Academic Services:

Academic Services is at the heart of education and research endeavor at Salahaddin University. We inform and influence the development and delivery of a range of activities throughout the staff and student lifecycles and provide support and advice to all staff and to students, enabling them to undertake their responsibilities effectively.

Additionally, we seek to deliver on a range of transformational projects across the University; we also ensure that the activities of the University are conducted in accordance with the University’s own procedures and regulations and in compliance with external legislative requirements.

Salahaddin University has long participated in a wide variety of collaborative relationships with universities, other institutions and individuals in many countries. The cooperation has been valuable to the university and provides exposure a new ideas and new perspectives. These cooperation are such as Erasmus Mundus Salam, Erasmus+, DAAD and Fulbright scholarships programs.

General enquiries:

Dr.Mohammed Azeez Saeed

Telephone: +964 (0) 66 226 1693 / +964 (0) 66 254 7931

Fax: +964 66 222 6627

Key person:

Director of International Relations Office

Dr. Mohammed Azeez Saeed