Directorate/Office of international Relations

Aims and Activities of Salahaddin University-Erbil

Salahaddin University-Erbil ( )  is a governmental institution in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It was founded in 1968 in Sulaimanyah and then in 1981 moved to Erbil, to cater for the higher education needs of the Kurdish youth and provide the government and market need of highly qualified graduates in many different disciplines. Currently the university has fifteen colleges, 70 departments, training, consulting and research centers and ten directories and well developed language center. The number of students at SU are ; underguate 23000, 700 master degree and some 200 Ph.D. students. The SU vision is to be a world-class teaching university, leader in the pursuit of knowledge, research and skills development, and to network people worldwide for the purpose of academic excellence and mutual achievement. While the SU mission are Provide an innovative educational platform which will allow SU to become a world class university.

  •          Improve research centers for developing staff and student skills.
  •          Develop industry leaders by providing excellent learning programmes and experiences to graduates, post-graduates and professionals.
  •          Build up extensive learning centers using the latest technology.
  •          Advance knowledge to develop the country economically.
  •          Develop an academic reputation that stakeholders, faculty and staff can be proud of.
  •          Decentralize the administrative work of the university to enable SU faculty staff to pursue the mission statement adopted by the university.
  •  The values in the SU include integrity, honesty, transparency, diversity, equity, responsibility, respect and collaboration. The SU is a member of the IAU and Arab association of Universities. SUH has working collaborative partnerships and projects with a large number of universities in Europe, the US, Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East. The SU has been a proactive partner in the Erasmus Mundus Program since 2012 and participated in all the meetings of Erasmus Mundus in Poland, , Portugal and Dohuk. 

    Mohammed Azeez Saeed.